An Ale For Caledonia

From grain to glass


What makes the best

Using the best that Caledonia has to offer.

Caledonia Best is born from our oldest master brewer’s rich knowledge of traditional ale recipes.

We combine Highland water from Loch Katrine with the finest 100% Scottish malted barley, hops and yeast to create an ale just for Scotland.

Malt Grain

Ingredients are fundamental to the flavour of beer, and with Caledonia Best we are committed to ensuring that our most important ingredient, barley, will come only from Scottish farmers.

We only use 100% Scottish grain that can be traced back to the individual farmers who grew it for us. Every grain of barley has been planted, grown and harvested under Scottish skies.

In working with a maltster and farmers that we trust, we ensure the best possible quality of all our malting barley giving us a consistency in the taste and flavour of Caledonia Best, pint after pint.

” The barley in Scotland is consistently good, as we have the ideal climatic conditions- slightly cooler than further south,  longer hours of daylight and our ground is ideal for growing malting barley. “

Edington Mains Farm, Chirnside, in the heart of Berwickshire.

Natural Scottish Water

Fresh from Loch Katrine in the Scottish Highlands.

Two 26 mile aqueducts and 13 miles of tunnel carry our water from its source at Loch Katrine, to our brewery in the heart of Glasgow. Pure Highland water. Every single drop.


We’ve selected only the best hops to fuse with the rest of our superb ingredients.

“Hops have been in regular use as a beer-making ingredient for approximately 1,000 years. It gives beer its distinctive flavour and aroma, acts as a natural preservative, and is a key component in foam quality.”



Our team of Master Brewers care for every drop of our ale, at every stage of its production. They perfect Caledonia Best by triple filtering, adding hops later and fermenting longer, combining cutting-edge techniques with a rich 450-year-long tradition of brewing award-winning ales.

“Crafted in our famous Wellpark brewery where we have a rich 450-year-long tradition of brewing award-winning ales.”

Tasting notes



A rich, golden, copper-coloured pint with a tight, creamy head.


Perfectly clean to the nose with slightly malty notes.


A malty, roast flavoured pint – it’s sweet and smooth with a pleasant hoppy bitterness and hint of coffee.


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